If you have been locked out of your mobile device or computer by a hacker, they might want money to unlock it. If this is the case, we can help you. Contact us using the form on this page. We will call you back as soon as possible during our working hours.

From experience, we know that hackers tend to demand payment with Bitcoin. We do not support this activity, but we also know that you sometimes have no choice than to pay. Cyber criminals use different methods to gain access to information on your devices, even if you have security software installed.

We convert your SEK to Bitcoin and guide you through the process and help you to unlock the computer or device. The process itself takes around ten minutes. btcx is a cryptocurrency exchange service, meaning you will be charged a fee from us to get your device unlocked.

We recommend you to always report these incidents to the police.

Bitcoin Ransoms
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Contact us and describe your situation

It does not matter what time it is - email us with your phone number and a description of what has happened. We will call you back between 11.00-15.00 on weekdays or as soon as possible.