Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How fast is it to buy digital currency from

If you pay using one of our direct deposit payment methods, you will receive digital currency within 3 minutes.

What is a bitcoin address and how do I get one?

A bitcoin address can be compared to a bank account number or an e-mail address. It tells us where to send the bitcoin you order from us. . .

What is an Ethereum address and how do I get one?

Ethereum addresses are, just like Bitcoin addresses, similar to your bank account number or email address. It let's us know where to send your ether. You can get an address by downloading an ethereum wallet on your phone or your computer. We recommend the Jaxx Ethereum wallet.

How long does it take to be approved for trading?

We usually only take a few hours to verify your information for buying digital currency. Verification for selling currency takes one or two business days.

I forgot to write my order-ID when sending my payment. What do I do?

Without an order ID, we can not know whether your order has been paid or not. Make sure to write the correct order ID as a message when you make your payment. If you forgot, you need to contact our support so we can find your payment manually.

Can a friend pay for my order?

No, unfortunately not. To make sure our customers are not vulnerable to fraud, it is important that your own personal order is paid from your own personal bank account.

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