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    Do you accept credit cards? This means you can also accept bitcoin.

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    Our payment service is quick, easy and safe. The fee is 1,5 %.

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    BTCX is Sweden’s first Bitcoin service provider.

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Increase sales

Big online outlets have discovered that Bitcoin shoppers spend more and buy more, compared to other customers.

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The currency of the world

Internet is a global shopping system. Bitcoin is a global payment system.

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The safety means no chargebacks

Bitcoin is more secure than regular credit card payments, and chargeback does not happen.

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Save money

The fee for every transaction is fixed to 1,5 %.


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BTCX was nominated as Entrepreneur of the Future in 2014.
”Politics always beats business, but technology always beats politics"
- Jan Stenbeck.

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The shop Dragons Lair in Stockholm is the first in Stockholm to accept Bitcoin payments. Their system to handle Bitcoin was developed by us at btcx.