Den 3 april är BTCX co-host för Sveriges hittills största bitcoinevent! Förutom Chefen för den internationella bitcoinstiftelsen kommer den bitconvänliga Fidor Bank, Rick Falkvinge, Ekobrottsmyndigheten. Dessutom finns en unik möjlighet att få veta mer om Ethereum utan att behöva resa utomlands. On April 3 BTCX is co-hosting Sweden’s largest bitcoin event!In addition to the Head of the International bitcoin foundation, we will hear from bitcon friendly Fidor Bank, Rick Falkvinge and the Economic Crimes Bureau of Sweden. There is also a unique opportunity to learn more about Ethereum without having to travel abroad. Program: Formell inbjudan med alla viktiga länkar längst ned: (CAC’s websida kan krångla i firefox)Formal invitation with all the important links at the bottom: (CAC’s website may malfunction in firefox) 07.00 Open for Sponsors to arrange 09:00 Registration and Coffee/Tea09:30 OPENING SESSION – Kurt Andersen, CAC card academy personbilder_btckonf

WHAT IS MONEY? AND WHAT KIND OF MONEY IS BITCOINS? Our ordinary understandings of money seems to be challenged by the invention of new forms of money. How does the emergence of Bitcoin fit into the contemporary monetary landscape? How to understand differences between Bitcoins and conventional money?Robin Teigland  – Associate Professor, Handelshögskolan Stockholm   michael_gronager

WHAT IS A BITCOIN Get introduced to the ecosystem of Bitcoins, how it works and the infrastructure associated with Bitcoins – and a more generic discussion about the perception of Money Michael Grønager – COO Payward     Christian   PREDICTING THE FUTURE OF BITCOINMany people try to predict the future of Bitcoin, but do it from a monolithic point of view. In this session we will try to predict the future of Bitcoin from a holistic view, including social, technical and psychological elements. Christian Ander – CEO, BTCX, Sweden     ekobrottsmynd_logoBITCOINS – BEST IN CLASS, OR TERRIBLE TOOL FOR FRAUDSTERSTax Authorities as well as the Police forces holds a long record on tracking of Credit card spending and looking in to bank transactions, where there is a suspicion related to the avoidance of tax payments. Get their current opinion on virtual currencies. Q&A with the authorities. TBA Ekobrottsmyndigheten   Jon_matonis

KEYNOTE SESSION – DEVELOPING A MORE OPEN ECONOMYThere is tremendous potential in Bitcoin—from the opportunities it creates for entrepreneurs to the purchasing power it provides for citizens of countries large and small. Our goal is to help Bitcoin deliver on that potential. Jon Matonis – Executive Director Bitcoin Foundation     Altcoin_symbol PANEL DISCUSSION ALTCOINSAltcoins is the common name for all other digital crypto currencies based from Bitcoin. How will altcoin and bitcoin coexist, are they here to stay and why? Founder of Ultracoin, Dogecoin enthusiast, tba.. Moderator – Christian Ander, CEO BTCX   rick_falkvinge THE DIGITAL WORLD NEEDS THE SAME RIGHTS AS IN THE ANALOGUE WORLD We must start thinking in Analog Equivalent Rights – going by the simple principle that if a particular invasion of privacy wasn’t okay in the age of the letter, then it’s not okay in the age of the net, either. A column part of a collection named ”Our World in 2014”. Rick Falkvinge – Founder The Pirate Party   Hans_henrik_heming HOW TO ACCEPT BITCOINS – THE MERCHANT SIDE OF BUSINESS Get the insights on how to start up accepting Bitcoin payments as a merchant – e.g. what is needed to sign up, how do I charge my customers, how do I get settled – and how to avoid risk exposure on my turnover. Hans Henrik H. Heming – CEO   Mats_henriksson

BITCOIN SEEN FROM A POLITICAL PERSPECTIVE Get the political and more ideological view on Bitcoin as a currency – introduced and presented by the Chairman of The Bitcoin Association of Sweden. Mats Henricson Chairman – The Bitcoin Association of Sweden.     Stephan-Tual   THE UPCOMING CRYPTO SINGULARITY “Stephan Tual is Ethereum’s CCO. Stephan is particularly interested in the societal change trustless, blockchain-based technologies will engender in the near future.  Stephan enjoys speaking about the impact of disruptive innovation on governance, law and the entrepreneurial space.” topic: ‘the upcoming crypto-singularity’       ADDITIONAL SPEAKER! butterflylabslogo ONE OF THE FIRST BITCOIN MINING COMPANIESJosh Zerlan  Butterfly Labs manufactures a line of high speed encryption processors for use in bitcoin mining, research, telecommunication and security applications. SPONSORS 4.-Quark_Logo_Banner_Multi_Printable       PANEL DISCUSSION Participants: Jon Matonis (Bitcoin Foundation) Rick Falkvinge (The Pirate Party) Hans Henrik H Heming ( Sammy Almedal (JAK banken) and Claire Ingram (Stockholm School of Economics) Kurt Andersen Managing Director, CAC card academy 17:00 Closure of Swedish BitCoin Conference 2014 This event is your opportunity to understand the Bitcoin community, get a better understanding of what Bitcoin actually is, how to buy Bitcoins, how to use Bitcoins – and how this new payment tool is now being developed into a more open economy. The conference is organized in close cooperation with BTCX – the leading virtual currency exchange in Sweden. Meet the Executive Director of the Bitcoin Foundation – Mr. Jon Matonis – who will be one of our speakers at this event. The conference program will include 9 to 11 individual presentations during the day. The conference takes place on Thursday 3rd April 2014 in Stockholm – at Finlandshuset (Sibeliussalen), Snickarbacken/Birger Jarlsgatan. Delegates fee for this 1-day conference is €199.- not including VAT. If not already registered, buy your ticket today on our website – CAC Webshop – , where we accept all major Credit Cards, PayPal and Bitcoins. Delegates fee includes copies of presentations, coffee/tea and sandwiches at our lunch-break. Sponsor tickets are €1000 for a table and €500 for a standing table. Please see above for the Swedish Bitcoin Conference 2014 programme, and for updates please refer to our CAC conference website for this event. We are very much looking forward to seeing you at the Swedish Bitcoin Conference 2014 in Stockholm. Yours sincerely, Kurt Andersen, Managing Director CAC card academy Vester Voldgade 117, 1. DK-1552 København V, Danmark Phone: +45 21 29 68 40