10 million dollars for a bitcoin

The price of Bitcoin could reach $10 million, says asset management firm. Asset management firm Lucid sees Bitcoin as the best alternative for solving the rampant debt crisis the world is facing. Although global wealth has climbed over the last 20 years, the debt burden has increased three times as much during the same period.… Read More »

7 years with the best customers in the world

BTCX is the most experienced veteran in crypto in Sweden. And we have the best customers! That we know of, there is only one industry colleague who has been in the game longer than us, throughout Europe even. BTCX exchange service therefore belongs to one of the most experienced suppliers in Europe and worldwide. Over… Read More »

Swish problem solved. All OK.

Yesterday evening, the bank messed up our Swish number. Everything is OK now, the new number is 123 540 3563. If you placed an order last night that did not go through, then you can use the same order-ID again, today, though do use the new number.

Some problems with Swish on tuesday evening

There is currently a problem with our Swish number. We had to shut Swish down until tomorrow morning wednesday 30 january) when the banks open. So sorry for the inconvenience!

If you hold Bitcoin you could be part of the 1%

Due to the fixed supply of Bitcoin, former Google Product Director Steve Lee stated that only 1 percent of the world’s population can own more than 0.28 BTC. But research show it can be even less. Supply and demand The scarcity of Bitcoin is expected to increase drastically as more investors and institutions enters the… Read More »

The price of Bitcoin rocketed last Monday morning

Bitcoin kicked last week off with a rally. Adding about $10 billion in marketcap in a matter of minutes. On some exchanges the currency even climbed above the $7000 mark. Bitcoin took a huge jump last Monday morning. In a few minutes, the price of the currency had increased by almost 10%. On some trading… Read More »

Bitcoin could be heading towards new highs

Bitcoin is looking both fundamentally and technically strong. The currency has bounced off a key technical area that indicates that the trading price might be heading north. Technically Bitcoin is trading higher inside an ascending channel and after the bottom of a long-term triangle held once more. If the bullish pressure continues, Ethereum World News… Read More »

Some Swish delays this weekend

This weekend, our bank has suffered technical problems. We dare not hope that they will solve it until the working week starts. Therefore, payments via Swish will be handled manually this weekend. We hope it will not cause too much trouble, but some delays might happen. Our other payment method, Payex, is not affected by… Read More »

South Korea to regulate cryptocurrency exchanges like banks

South Korea wants to regulate cryptocurrency exchanges like commercial banks to prevent the use of digital currencies for illicit activities. The new framework will add legitimacy to the cryptocurrency sector as a whole. Great news says us at BTCX. The Korea Financial Intelligence Unit (KFIU) in South Korea has decided to regulate cryptocurrency exchanges like… Read More »