Sell bitcoin and get SEK in return

You can easily sell your bitcoin using BTCX services. By creating and verifying your BTCX account and your bank account, you can sell your bitcoin.

The order confirmation contains a bitcoin address where you transfer the amount of bitcoin you want to sell. As soon as the transaction is verified in the blockchain, the payment will be transferred to your bank account in SEK.

Make sure you are transferring the bitcoin to the correct address. If you send it to the wrong address, you cannot get the coins back.

Sell Bitcoin

When should you sell bitcoin?

There is no right answer to this question. The bitcoin exchange rate varies a lot if you compare it to USD or SEK. The value is affected by various factors, such as supply and demand. New rules and regulations can also affect the value. When there is new technological advances in the field, adding functionality to the currency, the exchange rate usually changes.

Get help from our cryptocurrency support team

If you have questions about selling or buying bitcoin, you can contact our support team. We keep the support open 10.00-22.00 to assist you with your questions.

The support team can help you to adjust the amount of your bitcoin order or help you with repayments.

The support team can help you in both english and swedish.