Sell Bitcoin

Selling bitcoin the easy way

When you already have bitcoin, you can easily sell them at BTCX and get SEK in return. Whether it is to receive profit from day trading, exchange traditional currency from your bitcoin trades etc, BTCX is the smoothest solution. We have created a detailed guide about how to sell bitcoin to us, to make it as easy as possible for you.

Different ways to sell bitcoin

The same way you can buy bitcoin through different actors, you can also sell through most of them. You can sell your bitcoin to another user who wants to buy bitcoin at exchanges like Bitstamp. You can also use services that connects users who want to buy and sell bitcoin for cash.

There are exchange offices online where you can sell your bitcoin with companies who takes care of the transactions without having to rely on a stranger. BTCX is the oldest Swedish actor within bitcoin exchanges, and you can always trust that we are taking care of your order legally, safely and securely.

Time to sell?

How do you know when it’s time to sell your bitcoin? It is a very difficult question, and a question where there are no correct answers at all. What can be seen is that the rate varies a lot when compared to traditional currencies, which makes it risky to try and make money from exchanging bitcoin, especially in short term. Read more about the bitcoin exchange rate here. Those who know bitcoin usually recommend to not invest more in bitcoin than you can afford to lose, which we agree is very good advice.

Sell bitcoin securely and cheaply

You can both buy and sell bitcoin with an account at BTCX. If you already have bitcoin, you can exchange them with us for SEK, paid to your bank account. We will verify that it is you who are in control over the bank account you have entered, to get your money as fast, safe, and secure as possible without misunderstandings. This usually takes a business day. The authentication is required for us to be able to provide a legal service for sales of bitcoin.

Check our newsletter for campaigns that makes it possible for you to exchange bitcoin with us for a very favorable rate and low fee, something we often offer to our customers. Perfect for those who want to monetize their cryptocurrency.

Sell bitcoin and receive SEK

To sell bitcoin to us, just log in to your account, or create a new account if you don’t have one already (see our guide on how to create an account). Once you are logged in, click “Sell bitcoin” in the menu, where you fill in any amount of bitcoin. If you haven’t had your bank account verified yet, as described in our sell guide, you’ll first be automatically redirected to the page where you verify your bank account. Once you’ve verified your bank account, you are ready to exchange. By sending bitcoin to the bitcoinadress indicated on your order confirmation, you’ve paid and we’ll send your money as soon as the transaction is verified (read more about verifying bitcoin transactions on our page about bitcoin mining).

The best bitcoin support team in Sweden

It is important that you send your bitcoin to the right adress. If you send to the wrong address, you can’t get them back. Beyond that, our support can help with almost anything, like changing the amount if you paid the wrong amount on your order, making repayments and much more. Do not hesitate to contact Sweden’s best and fastest customer service within bitcoin exchange if you have any questions.