Buy Bitcoin

Easier than you might think

Bitcoin can be tricky, but it’s not as hard to get your own bitcoin as you might think. Keep reading to find out more about how to buy bitcoin or ”create new” bitcoin by bitcoin mining. We’re giving a short explanation about what bitcoin is on our ”about bitcoin”-page. You should also read our guide about how to buy bitcoin using BTCX or head over to BTCX|express to place an order and you will have your own bitcoin within three minutes.

Different ways to get your own bitcoin

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that is achievable in different ways, although the easiest way is to buy them from an exchange service online with a traditional currency. BTCX is the oldest Swedish actor, run by a Swedish company. You can easily buy bitcoin with Swedish crowns (SEK) through Swish or a bank transfer, or with euros through SEPA. If you want to use bitcoin online, it’s both more secure and faster than using more traditional card payements, you can also use your bitcoin for day trading, for savings, a chance to make money, or anything else that bitcoin has to offer, if this resonates with you – BTCX is the exchange service for you.

Another way to buy bitcoin is privately, by getting in touch with someone who already has bitcoin and wants to sell them to you. There are also services who connect those who want to buy and sell bitcoin for cash.

Varying exchange rates

The rate varies a lot if you compare it with a currency like SEK or USD. Those who know bitcoin usually recommend to not invest more in bitcoin than you can afford to lose. You will probably not be affected by the rate fluctuations if you plan on spending your bitcoin in the near future.

The exchange rate can also vary differently on various services, which is why it always is a good idea to compare and to keep in mind that if it seems to good to be true then it probably is. You can read more about the bitcoin rate here.

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Buying bitcoin safely

It is safe to trade bitcoin at BTCX. Simply place an order at BTCX|express and verify that you are the one you claim to be by entering your email and personal information. In this way we can make bitcoin trading secure, legal, and safe. We also have the industry’s best support team, and we would love to help if you have any questions, so do not hesitate to contact us.

Buy bitcoin with SEK

You can buy bitcoin in two different ways at BTCX. Either on BTCX|express, where you don’t have to create an account, just pay through Swish (max. 6 000 SEK/week) and expect to have your bitcoin within three minutes, or at where you can buy for higher amounts, sell bitcoin, gain access to multiple payment methods and a better exchange rate, but you will have to register an account with us. You will find more detailed instructions on how to create an account in our guide.

At you fill in your personal information along with your email, click on “buy bitcoin” in the menu, choose which payment method you would like to use, and enter any amount and currency. This is also where you have to enter your bitcoin address. If you do not have a bitcoin address yet, you can get one by creating a bitcoin wallet within our service. The easiest and most smooth way to buy bitcoin is by paying through Swish, that way you will get your bitcoin within three minutes. You can also pay with bank giro services, it will take a business day for us to see your payment and send your bitcoin to the bitcoin adress you have entered. When you have placed your order, simply follow the instructions to pay. Make sure to enter the exact amount to the right account or number. If you do this correctly, you will have your bitcoins within three minutes. Smooth, simple, fast!