Buying bitcoin through BTCX

There is two ways for you to buy bitcoin at BTCX: with Standard BTCX or BTCX Express.

BTCX Express enables you to buy bitcoin fast with Swish, without an account. You usually receive the bitcoin within three minutes. Using BTCX Express, you may buy bitcoin for a maximum of 10 000 SEK during a seven day period.

You can buy for an unlimited amount with Standard BTCX.

Buy crypto with Swish

Purchasing your bitcoin with Standard BTCX

Follow these steps to use Standard BTCX (unlimited purchases) and buy bitcoin easy and safe:

1. Register an account using your email.
2. Confirm your email address.
3. Fill in your personal information.
4. Upload identity documents.
5. Verify your bank account number.
6. Verify your phone number.

The verification process takes some time -— we can usually confirm your Application within a an hour.

7. Click on the “Buy bitcoin” icon.
8. Follow the instructions to complete the payment.

How to acquire bitcoin

There are different ways to get bitcoin. The most common method is to use online exchange services. BTCX is one of these online services, an easy and safe Swedish platform for purchasing bitcoin. Here you can buy bitcoin with a bank transfer, with SEPA (Single Euro Payment System) or with Swish.

Why the bitcoin exchange rate is changing

The bitcoin exchange rates varies more compared to USD or SEK. The bitcoin value is affected by factors such as supply, demand, rules and regulations. New technological advances that adds more functionality to bitcoin usually changes the exchange rate.

We recommend you to only invest an amount that you can afford to lose, as with any other investment.