We offer quality services to our customers and are constantly working on how to make our products better. We started with bitcoin in the early days. Since then we have introduced several new coins and services. This includes an Express service and a praised service minded support team. We have been trading bitcoin since January 2012, making us the first Bitcoin company in Sweden. We are one of the largest crypto companies in the Nordic region. This is all made possible thanks to our loyal customers and a great team of developers and employees.

To praise people and companies at the forefront of the blockchain industry, we host the annual BTCX Blocktech Awards. We want to encourage and lift those who contribute and are pushing development within blockchain technology.

Our Vision

Secure Exchange

Our vision is to provide our users with the best and most secure cryptocurrency exchange experience.

Improving Service

Constantly improving our services, adding new features and coins to cater to our user needs.

Trust and Loyalty

To give back to the community that is helping us to grow with their trust and loyalty.

Do you have an idea on how to change the future together?

Headquarters:  Stockholm, Sweden
Postal address:  BOX 3332, 10367 Stockholm
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