The annual award for people in the Blocktech community for their work and innovations. We announce three winners each year.

The categories are Blocktech Person of the year, Blocktech Company of the year and the Community Award. In the running are businesses and people that have engaged in the blockchain technology and developed it. We pay special attention to how they contribute to the blocktech community and if they have created new possibilities with the blockchain technology.

Blocktech Company of the Year - The nominees:

IBM - Food Trust. IBM makes use of blockchain technology to make the grocery supply chain more safe, effective and sustainable all around the world.

SuperBlocks. Superblocks Lab supports developers to code, build and distribute smart contracts and decentralized applications.

CryptoConcinnity. A service specialized in buying and delivering luxurious products high-quality services with the help of cryptocurrency.

This Year’s Winners

Read about the 2018 year’s winners below.

Previous Winners

The 15th of March 2018, Epicenter Stockholm. We presented the fourth Blocktech Awards.
Let us look back at the winners.