The winners from left: Company of the Year, the National Land Survey, Mats Kind. From the National Bank of the Year, Block Tech Person (s) Björn Segendorf with colleague Deputy Governor Cecilia Skingsley. The price for User nomination was won by Nanok Bie.




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    Blocktechperson of the Year


    This year's Blocktech Personal appointed by BTCX award. The person must have made a special effort, and worked to increase public understanding, and created conditions for bitcoin & blockchain in the previous year.

    Blocktech company award

    You vote on the nominees, which through its innovations have contributed to Bitcoin & blockchain technology development and usability over the past year.

    Community Award

    As a tribute to the democratic spirit of the blocktech world, enthusiasts and users of bitcoin blockchain and nominate a person who made a contribution to the community and the technology.




    As pioneer in blocktech, the first Swedish exchange service for bitcoin is becoming a veteran.




    EY is a leading provider of services in auditing, accounting, tax, transaction and advisory services.
    We are working with entrepreneurial companies both locally in Stockholm, Sweden and the Nordic region and globally in more than 150 countries worldwide.

    Epicenter Stockholm


    Epicenter is Stockholm's first innovation house in the heart of the city and Sweden's digital landskape. Here are some of the fastest growing digital companies and creative business initiatives.


    Miltton Labs


    We believe in the future. Therefore, we believe in change.

    We know that ideas are the only thing that truly changes the world. This is why we develop digital, scalable tools that help great ideas to reach the right audiences.



    On 29 January 2016 Epicenter Stockholm, we distributed the 2015 Big Block Tech Award.
    Let's look back at the winners.

    Blocktechperson of the Year 2015

    Anna Felländer



    This year's Block Tech Personal appointed by BTCX prize committee. The person must have made a special effort and worked to increase public understanding of and improved attitudes to technology in the previous year. Anna commented: "It is a great honor for me to have been awarded this year's price Blocks Personal Tech, Infrastructure Stuk tour behind crypto currencies, blockchains will transform and strengthen financial market functioning"


    Blocktech company award 2015

    XBT Provider

    Bitcoin certificate on Nasdaq


    This year's Blocktech Company nominated by BTCX among companies, which, through its innovations have contributed to Bitcoins & blockkedjeteknikens dissemination and usability over the past year. Users vote themselves the winner.



    Community Award 2015

    David Hedqvist



    User Nomination is the enthusiasts and users of bitcoin and blocks tech themselves nominate a person who, with the funds stood him available, made an effort Bitcoins and blocks techs dissemination and usability. BTCX prize committee will select a winner.


    "To literally have waged a battle against Goliath". David took alone the Swedish tax authorities all the way to the Court and was declared bitcoin payments.