Happy winners of the great Blocktech award III

27 January 2017 we awarded the BTCX Great BlockTech award for the third time, at a ceremony in Epicenter Stockholm. The event was sponsored by Epicenter, EY and Miltton Labs PR. The ceremony was opened by BTCX Head of Marketing Joakim Herlin. He was followed by BTCX CEO Christian Ander and from EY came Henrik… Read More »

Trump and Bitcoin Winners

It seems that the opinion polls were wrong again. Earlier this year they predicted a “Remain” -victory in the UK but it became a “Brexit”. The day before the election Hillary Clinton was given a near 80% chance of winning the election according to Five Thirty Eight. Instead, it looks as if America has selected… Read More »

Zcash and Mining

A simple guide to Zcash mining on Linux. Personally I use a flavor or Debian/Ubuntu and the guide will follow that setup. Reference: https://z.cash/ Requirements Currently, you will need: Linux (easiest with a Debian-based distribution) 64-bit 4GB of free memory We’ll build the binaries from git, so let’s get started here. Get git Get the source code… Read More »

Women in Blocktech a Total Success

Yesterday, at Epicenter Stockholm, BTCX hosted what we believe to be the first conference dedicated to getting women into the blocktech business and bitcoin and blockchain technology. Just over 20 came to listen to us describing what its all about in leymans terms as well as from a more technical point of view. BTCX, Qwids,… Read More »

Off to London again. Join us with a discount!

BTCX will, of course, be joining everybody at QuanTech in november. You can join us with 20% discount on the fee. Distributed Ledger Technology Conferences: London 3/4 November & New York 1/2 December Claim your 20% Discount on the regular conference fee. Just enter ‘GoobitAB20’ in the special discount code box located on the booking… Read More »

A word from our Support

Hello dear friends! Many of you we’ve already been in contact with in one way or another. This goes out to all of you who hardly even know we exist. Our support is running at full speed between 09-00 CET, every day all year round. Of course we’ll help you out with any problem that… Read More »

Must read books on bitcoin & blockchain 2016

1. Mastering Bitcoin by Andreas Antonopoulos Andreas Antonopolous is one of the Jedis in the Bitcoin Galaxy. He is a Consultant to a lot of Bitcoin-based startups, he teaches Digital Currencies at the University of Nicosia, and he is the host of the Let’s talk Bitcoin podcast. The intended audience of his “Mastering in Bitcoin”… Read More »

Manage your transactions better with BTCX|Wallet

Did you know BTCX wallet is available for Android phones? If not, now is the right time to try it out – the wallet just got even better. A much anticipated feature is CPFP that we are happy to announce now is live. You can push a transaction that is moving slow due to a… Read More »

Litecoin released roadmap for 2016

Not so much has come from Litecoin the latter years, but now they have release a roadmap for 2016 to raise capital and engage the community. BTCX had litecoin as one of the most traded cryptocurrencies during late 2013, yes, it even surpassed bitcoin for a short while, personally I love this shiny silver currency,… Read More »

The System Works!

It is the 9 july 2016 and we have Bitcoin block reward halving! This is what it’s all about people; stability and trust through predictability.