We have a WINNER! #BTCXatDH

Drum Roll !!!! Fanfare!! To the left in the picture is the winner of the BTCX DreamHack Competition 2017 #BTCXatDH. William answered the question correctly and told us he wanted to show the incredible experience that is DreamHack to his best friend. We send our warmest congratulations and hope that we will receive some reports… Read More »

Watch out for fraudsters

WARNING fraud! We’ve recieved questions concerning strange SMS messages and email related to bitcoin. The message might say, for example, that there are “millions to earn” even though you hardly need to work at all or (as in the picture) that there is bitcoin to retrieve on one’s made up “account”. All communication from BTCX… Read More »

Bitcoin with Avanza, but not really…

The Swedish trend towards accepting digital currencies continues. If it works as it intended (us at BTCX have not tested it ourselves), you can follow the value of your bitcoin holdings while logged in to your account at the Swedish stockbroker Avanza by sharing your bitcoin address with Avanza. It will be exciting to see… Read More »

BTCX talk bitcoin in Svenska Dagbladet

BTCX business developer Christoffer spoke of bitcoin to Svenska Dagbladet this week. “They know as much about bitcon as a florist or a barber” he says about bankers and financial analysts. A clever comparison we think. “Christoffer is not alone in his positive vision of the future. The New York-based consulting firm Fundstrat Global advisors… Read More »

Bitcoin Passes 4000 $US

Bitcoin goes like train! There can be a lot of quick ups and downs in our bitcoin world, we know that, but one thing is certain; This weekend, another dream threshold was passed (we are getting used to this by now) 4000 US Dollars per bitcoin. It’s worth a celebration! Before you buy some extra… Read More »

Ether has arrived!

    Ether is here! Dear customers, today we have added Ethereum(!) to the BTCX offering. That means it is now as easy as pie to get yourself your first ether, or, if you already have some, increase your holdings by doing business with the veteran in digital curreny. HERE is a suitable wallet for your ether.… Read More »

Time for Dreamhack!

Of course, BTCX is at Dreamhack this weekend If you are there too, find one of us and we’ll have some gift for you, nothing much, maybe a “team | BTCX” t-shirt or so. Maybe you want to join our “team | BTCX” …? In addition, there will be a treasure hunt of 1000 crowns… Read More »

Reversed fee for National day celebration!

Tomorrow, June 6th, is Sweden’s national day. We celebrate at BTCX, like last year, with REVERSED FEE on selling bitcoin all day (6/6 2017)! The “fee” is plus 1% on sales orders up to 50,000 crowns. One order per person and national day ;-). Thus: When you sell bitcoin to US you get MORE money… Read More »

The Swedish Bitcoin-Politician is Chairman of the Board

Mathias Sundin, Swedish Member of Parliament, the first politician in the world to run a political campaign on donations in bitcoin, and only bitcoin, will chair the board of directors at blocktech industry veteran; BTCX – Bitcoin Exchange. A very good addition to the team with the company preparing for international expansion and taking in… Read More »

Do you need bitcoin urgently? Call our help line.

BTCX can help if you have suffered from a so-called Crypto Locker. Over the weekend, the news of a virus that locks the user’s computer has spread across the world as fast as the virus itself. Over 200,000 systems in over 100 different countries have been affected by “WannaCry”, as the virus is called. To… Read More »