Quark visar upp sig på Swedish Bitcoin Conference 2014! quarkcoin-logo Quark berättar om sig själva, på engelska, nedan:
Mer info om Swedish Bitcoin Conference: https://blog.btcx.se/bitcoin-nytt/jon-matonis-ethereum-och-mycket-mer-om-bitcoin-i-stockholm-3-april/

Quark is a medium of exchange and a store of value. It is a digital currency with the power to profoundly influence the non-digital world. However, it is more than a currency, it is an ideology which adheres to the belief that the control of money should not be in the hands of the few, but in the hands of the many.

A Revolutionary Currency
Quark has the power to revolutionise the lives of individuals, regenerate the lifeblood of communities and alter the paths of nations. As Quark is not encumbered by financial institutions, broken governments or crooked markets, it is free to breathe money-power into all communities without punitive interference.

A Decentralised Currency
Quark is in the ownership of anyone who owns a part of a Quark coin. No one should have the exclusive right to centralise this currency under any nation state, corporation, community or individual.

It is a global medium of exchange joining together all peoples no matter where they reside. It is a untethered currency for an untethered generation and a lighthouse of hope in an uncertain financial future. It is a currency beyond borders. Its home is the whole Earth.

An Evolutionary Currency
Quark exists to facilitate the next step of the social evolution of humankind. It aims to break down monetary barriers which inhibit the growth of ideas, individuals and communities. As a transnational currency, Quark looks to bring financial evolution and increased growth to all regions of the globe.

Quark will concede to fair and reasonable regulation and taxation by governments on a national scale in order to protect the people, but the heart of the currency will be put beyond the control of any governmental, financial or military institution.

A ‘Freedom’ Currency
Quark aims to support freedom for all individuals, communities and nations through providing a safe, secure and fast medium of exchange. Quark has the will to strengthen the hands of the poor and disenfranchised, empower and inspire entrepreneurs and unleash the chains of financialism from the people of this planet. As each Quark wallet is akin to a personal banking account this will provide greater financial freedom for the individual.

A Transparent Currency
Quark aims to provide a transparent monetary system which will not be manipulated by any individual, community, corporation or nation state. Due to its innovative design, it is near impossible for this currency to be manipulated, broken or destroyed.

Quark will create more transparency in political donations, increase openness in the business relationships and pressure the financial sector to improve. Quark is the ‘now’ of digital currencies and is leading the field in this area of development. As it establishes itself more, this currency will continue to provide financial freedom to all those who adopt it.