Joakim Herlin (CMO, Goobit/BTCX):

I think that the pro’s of Litecoin over Bitcoin is not big enough to make it a serious contender and give Litecoin serious longevity. Bitcoin is quickly about to build up such a momentum that for something to beat it in its own game would have to offer some very big advantages to it. Not that this ‘something’ necessarily has to ‘beat’ Bitcoin in order to make itself relevant, but to ‘be a cryptocurrency that has some advantage over Bitcoin,’ is, as I have understood it, how Litecoin is positioned.

Altcoins as a phenomenon though, I think, definitely has a future but an altcoin needs to offer something special, like a connection to a geographical location or it could be a connection to a certain product or product segment. Different subcultures even could maybe start to use their own altcoin within their group. There are lots of possibilities. But the bottom line is that for any altcoin to be successful I think it will need to offer something special distinguishing itself in some way, technically or otherwise.

Concerning Litecoin specifically, I do not think it possesses enough of a unique value proposition to stay with us in the long run.

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