How to buy bitcoin – BTCX guide

Once you have created an account and had it verified, you’re ready to buy bitcoin. You can use several different payment methods when you’ve placed your order – the fastest and easiest is Swish. Swish is a payment service provided by several major Swedish banks in cooperation. The Swish app allows you to make secure payments that quickly come to us and allows us to quickly send you your bitcoin. menu with the option "Buy Bitcoin" highlighted

To be able to pay through Swish, we’ll have to verify your phone number too. It is done really fast. If you choose Swish as your payment method but haven’t verified your phone number yet, you’ll be automatically redirected to the right page to complete the verification. If you want to do it yourself, go to ”account” in the top right, then choose “profile” in the drop-down menu, and choose to receive a verification code sent to your phone. All of this allows us to have as high security and safety as possible when we’re managing payments. menu with the option "Profile" highlighted

Enter your phone number. verification of phone number

If you have entered the correct phone number and followed the instructions, then your phone number will be verified soon.

You are now ready to buy bitcoin through Swish, or any of the other payment methods offered. phone number verified

Choose a payment method. You can choose between Swish, bank giro services, SEPA, Skrill, or direct payment which is available for Handelsbanken customers. choose payment method
Specify how much you want to buy, stated in SEK. Once you have entered an amount in SEK. you will see an estimate of how much bitcoin you will get for the amount you specified in the field above.
Why is it an estimate? Why isn’t it exact?Well, it’s because we can’t process your order until you’ve made your payment, so if you for example wait a long time before paying with Swish, the rate may have moved slightly up or down. Since we can’t know exactly how fast you’ll make your payment, we can only provide an estimate. The faster you pay your order, the more correct estimate. choose the amount you want to buy bitcoin for

Enter your bitcoin address at the bottom. If you don’t have a bitcoin address, you’ll need a bitcoin wallet. There are many variations of bitcoin wallets. We offer one within our service, but you can also download one to your phone. For iPhone users, we’re recommend a wallet called “Bread Wallet”, it can be downloaded from the App store. Those who have an Android phone can download a “BTCX Wallet” from the Google Play Store.

Your bitcoin address is what really has to be correct. If it were to happen that you give us the wrong address and we pay bitcoin to that address, there is nothing to do to get them back. Besides that, our support team can fix almost anything. So it is important to enter your own bitcoin address and not someone else’s. specify bitcoinadress

Your order has now been placed. Always try to enter the correct order-ID, and pay the exact amount of what your order is on. If you get these exactly right, you will get your bitcoin within three minutes if you paid through Swish, and one business day if you paid using bank giro services to get your bitcoin paid directly to your bitcoin wallet.

NOTE!: A bitcoin order has to be paid by the same person who placed the order. Because of legislation regarding money laundering and the risk of fraud, we can’t process and order paid by someone else than the person who placed the order.

If you were to experience any problems or if you’re feeling uncertain about any of this, contact us. We have the world’s best bitcoin support team. order placed