Emergency Room

Are you the victim of a ransom demand? Do you need to pay with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies? Probably your computer or mobile device has been hijacked and locked, and someone is forcing you to pay with a cryptocurrency to unlock it. If this is the case, we can help you.

Allow your customers to pay with Bitcoin

If you accept credit cards in your business, you can also accept Bitcoin as a payment method. Try our btcx payment service - it is quick, easy and safe. The fee is only 1,5 %.

Blocktech Awards

Our annual award to praise people in the Blocktech community for their work and innovations. We hand out three awards each year.

Blocktech Talks

Get ahead of the innovation curve by booking your own blockchain lecture with BTCX. Learn about the technology and how it can be applied. The lecture includes learning about Bitcoin, the blockchain and its origin. We discuss fields of application and how the future might look like.

Women in Blocktech

We want to involve and encourage more women to be part of this disruptive technology and for the female blockchain technology community to grow.

BTCX Donations

We can pass on donations to organizations like World Animal Protection and Hundstallet.