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Not sure what organisation to choose?

Instead of choosing a particular organisation, you can choose an area or event close to your heart. We at btcx will make sure the donations find their way to a suitable organisation with a 90-account.



Adult Learning and Empowerment Fund

Provides opportunities for African women and men to participate in mother tongue based empowerment groups. Here they learn to read and write, take charge of their own lives, handle their economy, claim their rights and assist their children in school. ALEF is a Swedish development organisation cooperating with local organisations in Uganda, DR Congo and Benin.

Water Aid Logo

Water Aid

WaterAid enables the world's poorest people to gain access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene education. These basic human rights underpin health, education and livelihoods and form the first, essential step in overcoming poverty.

Where do you want your bitcoins to help?

You don't have to choose any particular organisation. Instead, pick an event or area where people are in need and we will make sure your donation finds its way there via a suitable organisation that operates a 90-account.

BTCX Donate The Refugees BTCX Donate The Refugees

The Refugees

We pass donations on to, for example, Unicef, Save the Children or Doctors without Borders.

BTCX Donate The Homeless BTCX Donate The Homeless

The homeless

We pass donations on to, for example, Stockholms Stadsmission or the Salvation Army.

BTCX Donate Haiti Needs Help BTCX Donate Haiti Needs Help

Natural disasters - Haiti still needs help

You can choose to donate to organisations that work in areas stricken by natural disasters.

BTCX Donate Cancer Research BTCX Donate Cancer Research

Cancer research

We pass donations on to, for example Cancerfonden or Barncancerfonden.

BTCX Donate Bullying and Domestic Violence BTCX Donate Bullying and Domestic Violence

Bullying and domestic violence

We pass donations on to, for example, Friends and Brottsofferjouren.

BTCX Donate Animals BTCX Donate Animals


We pass donations on to, for example, World Animal Protection or Hundstallet.

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If you want to suggest a cause, a place or a person to be available for donations here - contact us here and describe more.