Standard Exchange

Register a BTCX Standard account to gain access to all functionality including sell-orders and multiple payment options. You can buy bitcoin for an unlimited amount with BTCX Standard. The exchange rate is better if you use BTCX Standard and you get a better overview with order history.

  • Buy bitcoin
  • Sell bitcoin
  • Multiple payments methods
Standardservice Standard Exchange

Express Exchange

BTCX Express enables you to buy bitcoin without registration. You usually receive the bitcoin within 20 minutes. You may buy bitcoin for a maximum of 10.000 SEK during a seven day period.

  • Buy bitcoin
  • No registration needed
Expressservice Express Exchange

OTC Exchange

Our OTC-desk provides a VIP-experience for our OTC customers with orders above 150.000 SEK. With the OTC-desk you can also negotiate about fees and they can help you trade other crypto assets that are not available with BTCX Standard or BTCX Express.

  • Trade bitcoin (150.000+ SEK)
  • Trade other crypto assets
  • Low exchange fees
OTCservice OTC Exchange