Get ahead of the innovation curve by booking your own blockchain lecture with BTCX. Learn about the technology and how it can be applied. The lecture includes learning about Bitcoin, the blockchain and its origin. We discuss fields of application and what the future might look like.

BTCX is Sweden's first marketplace for bitcoin and other cryptographic assets. When people discover the concept they ask: "Interesting, but what is the use of the blockchain?"

We want Blocktech to be something you can relate to and understand. We are certain that this technology will change the world during the next few years.

Invite us to inspire you, your organisation and your employees. Learn more about this disruptive technology and its transformative social impact.

This is for the developers, the entrepreneurs, the economists, the lawyers and the managers, boards of directors and bank officials. Everyone will be affected!



Book us from January 2017 onwards



At your office or a venue in central Stockholm


How much?

24 990 :-

What do you get out of the lecture?

  • The basics of how Bitcoin and Blockchain works
  • The story behind it and how it spread like wildfire across the world
  • The use of bitcoin and the blockchain and what the future looks like
  • Hands on experience
  • ..and much more!
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