BTCX own wallet

Why a wallet?

You have to have a wallet for your bitcoin. Here you can find a short list of bullet points on what a wallet is and why it is important to have one. In conclusion, you can say that it is because you have to store your bitcoin somewhere. As with everything else, there are different solutions of various quality and user friendliness, so it’s best to read a little before you choose, to find a wallet that suits you.

Wallet secured with clamp

Wallet Security

Us at BTCX recommend that you keep your own bitcoin and other digital assets entirely on your own. This means that you should use a wallet that creates a “master key” for you, usually in the form of a dozen words you must write down by hand (!) On a paper. Keep the paper safe!

This all may seem a bit odd, but it is a matter of taking on a new kind of responsibility for your own assets when you get a wallet that you fill with bitcoin. It’s really like becoming your own bank.

Like a bank account

A bitcoin wallet can be described as your own little bank that only has you yourself as its only customer. The bitcoin address (example: 1BTCxDoNYMQkFRLzoF26t9eMhypgr2WSUc) is in your account number.

For Android phone users, there is a BTCX wallet in the Google Play Store that you can use on your phone, flexible and easy to take with you when you are out shopping with your bitcoin.