Buy litecoin for Swedish sek

You can today buy litecoin for Swedish sek through our bitcoin exchange. This is easily done by first buying bitcoin, and then changing it on, for example, Shapeshift to litecoin. Litecoin saw an incredible increase in value in its initial stage where it gained over 100 percent within 24 hours and even surpassed a one bn USD market cap. While not the most exciting of coins, for a long time, litecoin has been one of the top contenders to bitcoin regarding market cap and trading volume.

About litecoin

Litecoin is besides bitcoin one of the oldest cryptocurrencies that are still in use. Founded by Charlie Lee in 2011, a former Google employee who got involved in the cryptocurrency scene at an early stage, litecoin aims at being “silver to bitcoin’s gold”.

Litecoin is silver to bitcoin’s gold

Litecoin is a fork of bitcoin. And while the two cryptocurrencies have many similarities, there are some clear differences between the two. For example, while the time between blocks for bitcoin is on average 10 minutes, litecoin aims at having an average block time of 2.5 minutes. Further, while bitcoin uses a mining algorithm known as SHA-256, litecoin uses a different one known as Scrypt.

A pile of physical coins embossed with the litecoin logo