Do you charge me when I exchange cryptocurrency?

No, the price on our site is final. No extra fees are charged.

When is my exchange rate set?

The price on your buy order is set when btcx sends you cryptocurrency. The price on your sell order is set when you send cryptocurrency to btcx.

What is a transaction fee? Who earns on the transaction?

The transaction fee is charged by the bitcoin network, never by btcx. The fee (or reward) is allocated between the computers that confirms and performes the transaction. This is called mining, read more here.

It takes longer than three minutes to pay out my order?

Occationally we need to stop an order for additional controls, which prolonges the order time. This happens with less than 10 % of our orders. After a completed exchange with btcx, you will recieve the coins in your wallet after a confirmed transaction in the blockchain network.

What is the difference between btcx express and standard btcx?

Express: May be used without registration and payments are only accepted trough Swish. You can buy for a maximum of 6 000 SEK within a seven day period. It is fast and easy, but the price is slightly higher.

Standard: You need a verified account at btcx and you can then buy and sell an unlimited amount of cryptocurrency. Possible to pay with Swish, bank giro, Internetbanken and SEPA. The price is more beneficial than with our express-service.

btcx express: Seven days counts continuously when you exceed 6 000 SEK.

You can buy for a total of 6 000 SEK with btcx express within a seven day period. Meaning e.g. Saturday - Friday or Wednesday - Tuesday, not always Monday - Sunday.

Why is it not possible to get a refund through Swish?

We use Swish Business, which does not allow for refunds through Swish. Swish e-commerce will be launched shortly and Swish refunds will then be available. For now, refunds is only possible with bank transfer.

Refund of cryptocurrency?

Two exchange rates is present during a refund: the first one when you send cryptocurrency to btcx. The price is set in SEK, which is the amount paid to your bank account. The second exchange rate will set in if you then cancel your order and want to be paid back in cryptocurrency. What is refunded to you is that amount set to the current exchange rate.

Refund through SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area)?

Contact your bank and ask them to retract the payment.

If I do not pay for an order, will I owe you money?

No, an unpaid order is automatically cancelled after seven days.

Your payment is missing an order-ID.

If your payment is missing an order-ID, btcx cannot finalise your exchange. Your money needs to be repaid. btcx will contact you with instructions if this happens.

Do I have to send cryptocurrency to and from my own wallet?

It is not allowed to buy cryptocurrency for others, or sell other people's coins. You should therefore only use a wallet that you have full control over when you buy, and only send cryptocurrency from your own wallet when you sell. You can however sell or give away coins to anyone.

What happens if someone else pays for my order?

We cannot carry out an order paid by someone else and therefore we need to refund the money. Contact us as soon as possible if this has happened. This is a security routine and a part of btcx statutory work against money laundering. Read more about the law here. The law states among other things that btcx needs to confirm your identity before an exchange can be made.

What happens if my order contains incorrent personal information?

Your order will be blocked and you will recieve an e-mail and text message.
We will then resolve the matter together.

Is an e-mail address personal data?

Using an e-mail that is registered to another account means that btcx cannot complete the exchange. This is because e-mail addresses counts as personal data.

What happens if the mobile number of an order is incorrect?

If a payment is swished from another number than the one stated in the order, we will arrange a refund. The first step is for you to contact our support.

How do I cancel my order?

Orders through btcx standard is canceled in your order list. Orders through btcx express can be canceled if you send us an e-mail. It is only possible to cancel an order before the exchange has occurred.

I have entered the wrong wallet address in my order.

Cancel your order immediately and contact btcx. Unfortunatly we cannot help you if the exchange already has been carried out.

Below 18 years | Can I buy if I am younger than 18 years?

Yes, with parental approval. A form will be sent via regular mail for your legal guardian to sign when you place an order. Your guardian can choose to approve your order, approve future orders or cancel the order for a refund. btcx will complete the order when the letter is sent back with your instructions.

Can I buy and sell during the night?

Yes, you can use our services 24-hours a day, all year. The e-mail support is open from 8:00 AM to 12:00 midnight.

Can I sell to a foreign bank account?

No. At this point in time it is only possible to sell to swedish bank accounts.

Why can I not sell for a larger amount?

Contact our support if you wish to sell for a larger amount.

When will I receive money after selling cryptocurrency?

One or two banking days after a confirmed transfer to our btcx wallet.

Can I sell Ether?

No, only bitcoin. The selection will expand in the future.

Can I buy from my company?

Yes. Contact our support if you wish for a business registration, and they will help you to get started.

What happens if I pay another amount?

Your order will be stopped and you recieve an automatic e-mail with information. Reply to the e-mail and our support will help you.

Is it possible to buy other coins besides Bitcoin or Ether?

No, not at the moment. Our selection of coins will expand in the future.

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