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Ethereum contributes to the autonomous trust

Ethereum is a blockchain based open source platform for smart contracts. The project has been described as a decentralized virtual machine. This virtual machine works using a bitcoin-similar device called Ether. There are many ideas about what  ethereum can be used for, ranging from a decentralized autonomous organization, smart contracts between individuals, crowdfunding or crowdsourcing, to a cryptocurrency like bitcoin. What all of this has in common is the need for validation, and the dependence of trust, which is what the ethereum platform contributes with.

Ethereum logotype

Praised by developers

Ethereum is appreciated and often praised by developers and programmers, partly because it is open source, which means that anyone can go in and read the code behind the platform, and partly because it lays the foundation to being able to develop many different kinds of platforms on top. Many different types of apps, web services, and systems may be based on ethereum in the future, the potential of the platform is there and the enthusiasm among developers is definitely there.