How to sell bitcoin – BTCX guide

When you’re logged in and verified, there is one thing left to do before you can sell bitcoin to us. What you have to do is verify that it really is you who is the holder of the bank account indicated for payment.The account verification is made for both your and our sake, as we want your money to absolutely and safely end up with you and no one else, when you’re selling bitcoin through BTCX’s services. menu with the option "Sell Bitcoin" highlighted


Enter your bank and account number in these fields. When you click ”save”, 1 SEK will be sent to the account you’ve specified along with a message. The message is your verification code. Do not share your verification code with anyone else. enter your bank details

This is where you enter the code you received along with the 1 SEK we sent to your account. When you enter the code in this field, we are sure that it is you who has control over the account you specified. verify your bank account

Now that the account verification is done, the rest is pretty easy. Enter how much bitcoin you want to sell in the order form. You will immediately get an estimate of how much the amount you wish to sell is worth in SEK. The amount is an estimate since there always is a certain delay between when you place your order and when you’re sending us your bitcoin. While time is passing, the rate may have moved slightly, either up or down. The faster you complete your order, the less difference on the estimate.The rest of your personal information will be entered automatically, since you’ve created an account earlier.

Click ”Sell” to complete your sell order. create sell order

This is an opportunity to look through your sell order. If you want to change anything, you can go back and do it.

If everything looks good, click ”Confirm”.

NOTE!: You have to send the exact amount of bitcoin that you have indicated that you wish to sell in your sell order. If you send a smaller or bigger amount than entered, the support team will contact you to process your order manually. confirm order

The last step in your sell order is to send the amount of bitcoin you wish to sell to us at BTCX. You can either use your mobile wallet to scan the QR-code that has been created with your order details, or copy our bitcoin address that is listed below and use it as it is in your wallet’s address field.

NOTE!: Make sure that you’re sending bitcoin to the right address. One of the few problems and mistakes that we cannot help you with, is if you accidentally send bitcoin to the wrong bitcoin address. Almost anything else is solvable, just make sure that the bitcoin address is correct.

If you’re experiencing something as weird, if you’re afraid that you’ve done something wrong, or if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our support team, they have years of experience. send bitcoin to us