How do I create a btcx account?

The easiest way of creating an account is by using BankID, which means you verify your identity with your BankID. You simply fill out your personal number and sign with BankID. Then provide your email address and phone number, and verify all information.

If you don’t have BankID or don’t want to use it, you can also register with email and verify your identity by uploading documents to us. Instructions below:

Fill in your e-mail address and choose a password and accept our terms of service. Verify your identity by sending us a picture of your ID (front and back) and a picture of a bill where your name and population registration address is clearly visible. Finally we need your birth certificate what you can download from Skatteverket website. Read our detailed guide here: How to sign-up to BTCX.

How do I buy bitcoin?

Firstly, create a verified account. You can then buy cryptocurrency using Swish, card payment or SEPA payment. When you have chosen your payment method, type in SEK how much bitcoin you want to buy, then type in the wallet you want to send too. If you do not own a digital wallet, read about how to get one here: Bitcoin wallet. Read our detailed guide about buying bitcoin here: Buy bitcoin.

Do you have an affiliate program?

No. We do have a widget you can implement on your website to let your visitors use btcx express. Contact our support for more information.

What is the difference between an exchange service and the trading platform?

btcx is an exchange service where you buy cryptocurrency directly from the company. A trading platform allows you to trade with other users, where someone needs to meet your order to complete the transaction.

What is the difference between btcx and Avanza or Nordnet?

With btcx you own all the cryptocurrency that you buy. Through Avanza or Nordnet you buy certificates and you do not own any coins.

How come my transaction needs to be confirmed in the blockchain and how long does it take?

The blockchain technology ensures that two people can make a safe transaction without a third party. Read more about the blockchain technology here: What is bitcoin.

What is the difference between a public key and a private key?

A simple explanation: your wallet consists of two keys. The public key is for receiving cryptocurrency. You can share your public key freely with others. Your private key is not to be shown to anyone else. You use the private key to send cryptocurrency to other wallets. In other words, the one that owns the private key controls the cryptocurrency.

Do you recommend a specific wallet to store cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin?

There are a number of different wallets for different needs. Read more about different wallet options here: Wallet options.

What is a bitcoin address? How do I get my own?

A bitcoin address is similar to a bank account number, and is created when you open a digital wallet, read more here: Bitcoin wallet. We recommend you to use a wallet where you have full control of your assets. When you open a wallet, it is common that you write down a number of randomized words on a paper. Save these words in a safe place in case you need to restore your wallet. These are called “private keys”.

Can I send ether to my bitcoin address?

No. It is not possible using btcx services. We recommend you to be careful using other sites, since Ether can disappear on the way. Ether addresses are 42 characters long and always start with “0x”. Bitcoin addresses are between 26-35 characters long and start with “1”, “3” or “bc1”.

What is a Paper Wallet?

It is a safe way to store your cryptocurrency. You save all the information on a physical paper. There you will have everything you need to send and receive cryptocurrency. You can choose to transfer the information from a Paper Wallet to a digital wallet. Read more about the paper wallet here: Paper wallet.

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