buy bitcoins button It all started with a simple question “Where can we find places to use our bitcoins?”, but finding the answer wasn’t as simple. Coindero aims to answer that question by making it easy to find local bitcoin places all over the world. There are similar sites and data sources already but none of them displayed

the places in a way that gave us any information if the place was worth visiting.

Coindero started as a hack during Gothenburg Startup Hack but we soon realized that it had great potential and decided to keep working on the idea. Gothenburg Startup Hack gave us a great platform to rapidly develop something and get response from the users, and the feedback was great.

From the beginning it was important to make the site responsive and accessible through mobile phones and tablets. We wanted it to be the perfect travel companion when visiting a new city for the first time and you want to see where you can buy a cup of coffee or pay for dinner using bitcoin.

We want to create the most comprehensive and up-to-date database with bitcoin places available. The information is gathered from OpenStreetMap and complemented with data from the Facebook Graph API. Integrating with Facebook give us an unique opportunity to rank places based on their popularity, using check-ins and likes. By doing so we will not only help users find places, but help them find the most popular places that accept bitcoin. To make Coindero really local we also made it possible for anyone to add and edit places on Coindero.

Our vision with Coindero is to support the great community around bitcoin. That’s why any added place information will be synchronized with OpenStreetMap which is open and accessible for anyone.

So please check it out and see if your favorite local bitcoin place is listed, if it isn’t, you can add it yourself

Emil Janitzek is one of the co-founders of Coindero. He works as a UX/front-end developer and has a passion for creating user friendly sites. Now he has his sight set on making bitcoin easier to use for everyone.