Is it a scam or a serious? We don´t know. But we do know that it sound´s futuristic, scary and interesting.

Right now it looks mostly like a landing page to see if there would be a big enough interest for such a project to start. They don´t really state the purpose of this

service, rather a vision of helping people to spread their dna out in the world.

“We’re helping humans transition into the era of all-data-everything and network fitness. Plants evolved such that their seeds could stick to bird wings. As birds fly, they carry plant genetic material to uncharted foreign land. Similarly, our crawlers will spread your genetic material to foreign blockchains all across the globe. Genecoin is inventing new birds for the decentralized digital era.”

The FAQ also suggest some interesting personal altcoin.

“Once you’re in with Genecoin, we recommend that you use your genome as seed data to create your own altcoin. Services will soon let people create their own alternative cryptocurrencies with a single click of a mouse. Altcoins will function like apps or even just personal brands. In the near future, every person will have their own altcoin and small community using it. With Genecoin, your personal brand can become a mechanism for propagating your genetic material.”

We will follow the progress and see if this reach any kind of proof of concept.
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