goldfish jumping out of the water Do you want to join our forces?

Be a part of building the financial hub for the future, work with us in Stockholm or as part of a distributed team.

We are looking for a passionate front-end developer/webdesigner and chief product officer for our flagship website Both indulged seniors and brave juniors are welcome

to our team.

You need to have good knowledge in these fields:

  • Webdesign and UX (Most important one)
  • Adobe Suite
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • Java Script
  • Java Spring (Not required, but a plus)

What is Goobit?

Goobit is a world class financial tech innovator in the heart of Stockholm. We stand in front of a plethora of opportunities, from reshaping the world of finance and contracts to exploring the latest in blockchain innovation at the hottest digital innovation lab in Stockholm, Epicenter – “A place for global leaders who want to explore digital opportunities”.

Don’t hesitate to contact us!

[email protected]