Do you need bitcoin urgently? Call our help line. BTCX can help if you have suffered from a so-called Crypto Locker.

Over the weekend, the news of a virus that locks the user’s computer has spread across the world as fast as the virus itself. Over 200,000 systems in over 100 different countries have been affected by “WannaCry”, as the virus is called.

To begin with, we recommend that you do not click links or open attachments in emails from unknown senders, or if an attachment from a known person seems strange or if the email is written in strange grammar.

“WannaCry” locks the computer by encrypting the contents of the hard drives until a “fee” has been paid. Usually the criminals want to be paid in bitcoin. We who work in that field feel very bad about the occurrence of such situations, so we want to do what we can to help if the damage has occurred.

Unfortunately, we can not crack “WannaCry” for you, but if this happens, and you need to get bitcoin real quick, even though you’ve never owned bitcoin before or maybe barely heard of bitcoin, we can help you.

Call our emergency telephone, BTCX Emergency Room, and we’ll help you organize everything to get the bitcoin you need. The call and the service is completely free. You can find all the information at

The primary advice to avoid ransomware is to:

  1. Always update your systems with all security patches.
  2. To take regular and complete backups.
  3. Do not open mail and attachments from someone you do not trust.

Be careful out there.