A very Merry Christmas we wish you all our wonderful customers, and a Happy New Year in 2018.
Especially to all new bitcoin holders (you are in the 10,000’s) who have gotten into bitcoin this year, you are very welcome and congratulations to you!
What can you say about a year like 2017? We began

the year with a bitcoin price of about 7000 crowns. Now, just before Christmas we have exceeded 160,000 (!) Crowns.
It’s crazy, and we in the industry wouldn’t have dared to hope for this (maybe in the wildest dreams ;-)).

Anyway. It is likely that this crazy party will end with some sort of recoil, or dip, in the future.
In that case, you veterans out there must try to make sure that all new bitcoiners stay calm and happy.
Our support is open as usual and buying, or selling, bitcoin can be done at any time at https://bt.cx/en/

Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Bitcoin Year!!!