Time to vote and nominate for the Great Blocktech Awards For the FOURTH YEAR, we will selct the Blocktech Person of the Year, this year’s company in Blocktech and who will take home the Community Award.

On March 15, it is time for the BTCX Great Blocktech Award, to those who has achieved outstanding things in, and with, bitcoin and blockchain technology.

Blocktech person of the year

The Blocktech person of the year is appointed by the BTCX pricing committee. The person should have made a special effort, and worked to increase public understanding, as well as created conditions for bitcoin & block chain technology during the previous year.

Blocktech Company of the Year
Everyone is welcome to vote for the nominated companies who, through engagement and their activities in Blocktech, have contributed to the proliferation and versatility of the technology throughout the year.

The nominees are: (Vote Here, form in Swedish)

For enable you to select “Add Cryptocurrency” and reflect your bitcoin holdings where you buy your ordinary securities.

For its collaborative project, a securities trading platform based on blockchain technology.

For being a young Swedish company with operations in 150 countries. In short, a dazzling example of what can be achieved within Blocktech.

For its blockchain-based project that enables clever and safe handling of blood samples.

Community Award

As a tribute to the democratic spirit of the blocktech world, Bitcoin & Blockchain enthusiasts and users can nominate a person who has made an effort for community and technology in 2017. The BTCX Pricing Committee elects the winner among the nominees.