Don’t share your password with anyone is a good rule of thumb. Fraud attempts are handed over to the police. No third party may contact BTCX customers with offers to purchase cryptocurrency or other investments.

BTCX has been at the service of the crypto industry since 2012. Since then we have been of service as soon as the police need information about a suspected fraud.
If the staff at BTCX suspect an attempt at fraud, the current order is stopped and the police are informed.
In addition to manual monitoring, there are a number of automatic security checks that can put a stop, for example if an order takes an unusually long time to be paid (this may indicate that someone other than the one who placed the order is about to pay for it).

It is to prevent fraud and money laundering that the customer must provide personal information.

Make sure you have control over your account, your details, your wallet and your funds when using BTCX services.

We have no collaborations with third parties, either in Sweden or abroad. No one who claims to represent BTCX may contact our customers for commercial purposes or with investment proposals. Whether by phone or e-mail, SMS or otherwise.

We work tirelessly to keep your business, and your information, safe. Please do not share your password or similar information with anyone.

We fight fraudsters