On 16/1, three employees from BTCX were invited to Police Headquarters in Stockholm.

The National Fraud Center had its monthly meeting and BTCX was there, invited by the authority. About 20 different regional units from all over the country were connected to hear more about bitcoin and blockchain issues.

BTCX has been working with compliance for many years, a concept that includes, for example, prevention of fraud and money laundering. Christoffer De Geer talked about the technology and analysis possibilities. David Söderberg went through how BTCX works with compliance. Oskar Söderström talked about the company as such.

  • David Söderberg: - “We are very pleased with how the cooperation with the authority has worked over the years. BTCX works hard to ensure that our exchange platform is kept clean from all kinds of attempts to commit crimes and we intervene as soon as we suspect fraud.”

    Getting the chance to educate several different agencies within the police about how bitcoin and the blockchain works and can be analyzed is very much appreciated.
  • “It is a very important part of our work to make bitcoin more accessible and useful to the entire Swedish people. All authorities that would be interested in similar education are very welcome to contact us,” says Christoffer De Geer, COO, BTCX