Last week, Wednesday, prosecution was brought against the principal in the case of the online drug trade named Flugsvamp 2.0, or Flugsvamp 3.0.

In many cases, trading has taken place through bitcoin transactions to the so-called darkweb.

Stopping and preventing crime is the main purpose of the BTCX compliance department, which has worked closely with all relevant authorities ever since the company’s founding eight years ago.

BTCX Compliance Manager:

  • “We monitor and stop all trading that goes to bitcoin addresses with a known connection to darkweb and we also constantly scan to discover new ones. The small group of individuals who want to use our services for a purpose related to such cases is of zero interest to us, commercially or otherwise “

With a lecture at the National Fraud Center, about how BTCX works with these issues, the collaboration with the Police and other authorities has been further deepened.

BTCX’s policy in this regard is, above all, to maintain a clean and respectable trade with legal and pure-willed intentions. A customer with other intentions than this will have his trade stopped and be reported to the relevant authorities. We are convinced that this is the way forward for our growing industry as a whole.