Our own Vice President Christoffer visited Nordnet and Sparpodden the other day. It became a very interesting session, full of thoughts, information, answers and some questions you should ask yourself if you are crypto-curious, or have already made your investments and are considering more.

Listen HERE.

BTCX in Sparpodden - In Swedish

Below, Sparpodden’s own description of the conversation:

What happens when central banks and governments increase the money supply by thousands of billions to save the economy from the crisis.

Christoffer de Geer works with bitcoin and has himself greatly benefited from digitally transferring value from one geographical location to another.

We discuss Bitcoin and what place it has today. What happens when the value is eroded on our Swedish crowns and can bitcoin really play a role there or is it a naive illusion.

This week's session offers a philosophical journey about what function money really has.