Dear BTCX customer!

We at BTCX will present great thinkers and authors during the summer so that you can enjoy the warm or rainy weather with a solid book.First out is the Swedish author and bitcoin evangelist, Knut Svanholm, who has dedicated his last year to educate the masses about bitcoin, its benefits and why it is so important for society at large to adopt a bitcoin standard - and why it might be inevitable.

Knut will present himself, his book and the offer below.

My name is Knut Svanholm and I’m a Bitcoin author. I’ve written three books about Bitcoin so far - Sovereignty through mathematics, Independence reimagined, and my latest one, Everything divided by 21 million. A title that refers to what I’m probably most known for, the Infinity divided by 21 million -meme. My books are philosophical in nature, and I try to provoke my readers to think about Bitcoin in ways they might not have before.

Here’s the first chapter of my latest book Bitcoin: Everything divided by 21 million.

You can buy the whole book via the following link: https://konsensus.network/product/bitcoin-everything-divided-by-21-million/?ref=knutsvanholm

Use the referral code knutsvanholm for a 10% discount and pay with bitcoin (on-chain or lightning) for an additional 10% off. Enjoy!

If you want to get in touch, connect with me on Twitter: @knutsvanholm