We are used to it, to say the least. The conversation usually goes something like this:

  • "...What!?"
  • "They closed our bank accounts."
  • "Without telling you why!?"
  • "Yup."
  • "... but they can't do that!??"
  • "Yes, of course they can. It has happened several times"

Svenska Dagbladet

Dear readers and customers, you cannot believe how many times we have had this conversation. Those of us who have about a decade behind us in this amazing industry called crypto have accumulated quite a few bitter experiences of this kind. And so have a not inconsiderable number of individuals and companies.

Therefore, it is our duty to inform and help the public about this problem, most recently in Svenska Dagbladet:


Jan Tibbling, former chief prosecutor at the Swedish Economic Crime Authority:

Getting your bank account taken away is the financial equivalent of becoming stateless. You have the right to have a bank account. It is clear that there will be extremely negative consequences for a company or individuals who lose their accounts.
Just getting rid of the customers who traded with crypto is not an approach in line with the law, believes Jan.

To give our customers an unfair advantage in their dialogue with the bank, we offer all customers, large and small, old and new, our Crypto AML service completely free throughout January. (AML Desk is a new service from Goobit Group).

If your bank does not allow you to deposit the money you have earned in crypto, or to buy crypto with the funds you already have with the bank, you should contact AML Desk. We prepared an anti-money-launderer (AML) report that shows the bank that your crypto transactions have not been involved in money laundering.

This reduces the risk of the bank deciding to close your account, because it can still happen to anyone, at any time. Unfortunately completely unwarranted.

To take part of the offer and get a personalized report, click on this link and write “Personal report” in the message field (the offer is only eligible until 31st of January).