Summary of shareholder letter from annual report 2022/2023

Goobit Group's long-term focus is on leveraging Bitcoin's potential as a transformative force in the financial industry. Over the past year, we strengthened our market position by acquiring Snowbank AB and integrating its brand, technology, and customer base. We are developing global partnerships and striving to improve our relationship with the Swedish banking sector, which could open large growth opportunities for us.

Our AML-Desk service has been successful in preventing money laundering and other illegal activities, helping clients generate AML reports for Nordic banks. Despite facing challenges such as a lack of access to Swedish banking infrastructure, we're actively working to overcome these obstacles.

We see transparency, compliance, and customer security as crucial elements in our business model. Our service offerings are expanding to meet the needs of our diverse client base, including education initiatives and specialized Over the Counter (OTC) services for capital-strong customers.

With upcoming EU regulations like MiCA, we anticipate a significant increase in compliance needs across industries, and we are ready to support European businesses in meeting these requirements.