Join us in creating a future where financial freedom is not a possibility, but a reality.

In a world where over 70% of the population lives under authoritarian regimes, the need for secure and accessible financial resources has never been clearer. Governments undermine currencies, monitor transactions, and freeze people's assets. In this climate, Bitcoin is more important than ever.

Launching Soon: BTCX x Human Rights Foundation

The Human Rights Foundation's (HRF) Financial Freedom Program works to promote the use of Bitcoin as a strategic tool to uphold and protect human rights. Bitcoin is a revolutionary force for financial inclusion, offering financial services to the nearly 1.7 billion people who currently lack access to traditional banking services. It provides security against inflation and facilitates cheaper and faster cross-border transactions. The Human Rights Foundation has effectively used Bitcoin to strengthen human rights globally. Through their Bitcoin Development Fund, HRF has funded key projects and initiatives, especially in countries ruled by authoritarian regimes.

Partnership between BTCX and Human Rights Foundation

BTCX is proud to have joined forces with the Human Rights Foundation in a partnership based on common goals and values. We share a vision of a world where financial freedom is accessible to all, and we believe in the power of decentralized technology to empower individuals and protect their rights.

Make a Difference: Contribute to Human Rights

Soon, our partnership with the Human Rights Foundation will be launched, meaning that every purchase of Bitcoin on BTCX will offer the opportunity to donate 2 euros to HRF and their work. This simple action can significantly contribute to supporting their important work. If you can't wait, or wish to donate larger amounts, please visit the Human Rights Foundation's website directly.

Contact and Further Information

If you have questions about our partnership with the Human Rights Foundation or the donation process, do not hesitate to contact us.