GDPR Processing of personal data

Your personal integrity is important to us

The EU’s new data protection regulation GDPR affects the entire society, every company, organization and authority, and gives customers greater control over the information they provide.
At Goobit/ Goobit Exchange, we have long experience of storing and managing customer data and information as part of our business. It is important for us to make sure that your personal data is handled in a legal and open manner. We want you to know how we use your personal information and what rights you have.
The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a new law that come into force throughout the EU from 25 May 2018. This regulation and a supplementary Swedish law, the Data Protection Act, supersede the Personal Data Act (PUL). The aim is to improve the protection of the individual in the processing of personal data and to create a uniform regulatory
framework within the EU.

Your personal information helps us to assist you
Your personal data is used to enable you to use the services you requested in a safe and easy way. With your personal data, it is possible for us to better understand your needs, provide faster service and offer services tailored for you.

Your personal information is safe with us
We handle your personal data in a legal, correct, and open manner. Customer information is protected by confidentiality and is managed confidentially.

We are simple and clear how we handle your personal data
You are entitled to know what personal data we process and for what purposes.
This is stated in detail in the Privacy Policy

What are personal data?
Personal data is all information that may be directly or indirectly linked to you as a person. It varies from social security number, name and address to information such as IP address, transaction details, bitcoin address or the language you have told us that you want to be contacted.
What information we request depends on the service you are using. We can also retrieve information from external sources, such as credit rating companies and the civil registration of private individuals, as well as through cookies on our web pages.

How do we use personal data?
The information we collect is used to provide you with the services you requested and ensure that you can use them safely and easily. Personal data is the key to giving you personalized offers, tips and advice, and to better understand what service you want and how you want us to communicate with you.
We use personal data to improve our services and our quality by doing customer surveys and market research. Last but not least, they help us to prevent money laundering, terrorist financing and to make payments and risk assessments possible.
How long Personal data is stored is depending on what to legitimate purpose or if there are laws that require us to save them a certain amount of time.

Personal information we share with other recipients
In order to deliver our services, it is sometimes necessary that we share personal data with other suppliers working on our behalf. We can also share information with government agencies, parties to international payment systems and when required by law or legal
We make the same demands on the privacy and security to our partners as if we processed the data ourselves. As a customer, we always respond to the correct handling of your
personal data.

Your rights
You are entitled to know if your personal data is processed by Goobit/Goobit Exchange and, if so, get an excerpt. You also have the right to in some cases get incorrect information corrected, deleted or to request portability of your information.
Certain processing of personal data requires that we have your consent.