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Follow us on social media to stay informed about what is happening in the bitcoin world. BTCX are both on Facebook and Twitter. On Facebook, we inform about fun events, important news or very rare malfunctions. But in order to not miss any of our updates and important information, we recommend you to take part of our newsletter and our blog.



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You can get in touch with our eminent support team by sending us a message through facebook, but you can also contact them directly through our website. Our support team is the best in the world at dealing with all matters concerning bitcoin trading and anything else you can do as a customer at BTCX, so please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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Follow us on Twitter for quick updates on what is going on in this ever-changing world. BTCX is also participating in various bitcoin related events, where we tweet about what is happening and what we think about it. Our highly appreciated BTCX Blocktech Awards is an example of an event which we live tweet from.