According to the Anti-Money Laundering Act (2017:630), we need to know if you are a politically exposed person, a so called PEP. The purpose of the law is to take measures against money laundering and financing of terrorism.

A PEP is an individual who holds, or within the past 18 months has held, an important public function in a state or the management of an international organization. The law also applies to family members and close associates of a PEP.


You should answer YES, I am a PEP if you hold an important public function. The term “important public function” means:

  • Heads of state or government, ministers in government and deputy or assistant ministers.
  • Members of Parliament.
  • Judge of the Supreme Court, constitutional courts or other judicial bodies at high level whose decisions only exceptionally may be appealed.
  • Senior officials of audit authorities and members of the central bank’s governing bodies.
  • Ambassadors, heads of mission and senior officers in armed forces.
  • People included in state-owned companies administrative, management or supervisory body.

You need to answer YES, I am a PEP, if you are an immediate family member of above mentioned individual, such as:

  • Wife / husband / registered partner.
  • Cohabitation partner.
  • Children and their spouses, registered partners or cohabiting partners.
  • Parents.

Known associates of a PEP are also covered. This means you need to answer YES, I am a PEP, if you are an:

  • Individual who, according to what is known or there is reason to believe, in common with a politically exposed person is a beneficial owner of a legal entity or legal arrangement or who otherwise has or have had close relationships with a politically exposed person.
  • Individual who is the sole beneficial owner of a legal entity or legal arrangement which, as is known, or have reason to believe, actually has been prepared for the benefit of a person who is a politically exposed person.

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