Women in Blocktech

The blockchain technology should and will hopefully be a part of all our lives. We believe that it is a democratic right to have access to this disruptive technology. Since we started btcx, we have noticed that the blockchain industry is a male-dominated area. We want to empower women and non-binary to take initiative and be more involved in the blocktech world.

In 2016, we held a Bitcoin-conference for women, hoping for more women to get involved. This was a start, but we want to do more. We want to share our knowledge and experience and to inspire. To do this we want to offer a platform where you can learn and network. If you as a woman or non-binary are interested in learning more about the blockchain, but do not know where to start - reach out to us. We can provide you and/or a group with an introduction to the Blockchain.

Women In Blocktech
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