Can I pay for a product or service through btcx?

No, btcx is only for exchanging cryptocurrency to your own wallet. If someone asks you pay for a product or service through btcx, it may be fraudulent. Contact our support immediately if this happens.

Can I charge for a product or service through btcx?


Do you have an affiliate program?

No. We do have a widget you can implement on your website to let your visitors use btcx express. Contact our support for more information.

What is the difference between an exchange service and the trading platform?

btcx is an exchange service where you buy cryptocurrency directly from the company. A trading platform allows you trade with other users, where someone needs to meet your order to complete the transaction.

What is the difference between btcx and Avanza or Nordnet?

With btcx you own all the cryptocurrency that you buy. Through Avanza or Nordnet you buy certificates and you do not own any coins.

Do you have a telephone number?

No, we provide all our support through e-mail.

Does btcx comply to the Personal Data Act (Personuppgiftslagen)?


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